Dear Die-ary,

The passions that drive us should be the ones we respect and admire.. -JTHM

19 February 1992
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I'm interested in a number of different things. I enjoy writing, reading, twirling batons, making things, listening to music, watching movies, and having long discussions about different topics such as religion, culture, government, beliefs, and philosophy.
I guess I'm young, but I'd like to think that I'm more mature and wise on the inside.

Music: punk, electro, classic rock, old jazz, folk, underground rap, and the like..

Movies: evil dead, into the wild, a scanner darkly, alice in wonderland, donnie darko, half-baked, the departed, and others..

Books: jthm comics, the anarchist cookbook, the giver, 1984..

Hobbies: twirling batons, diy, and being crazy..

"As we drift toward a more homogeneous world, all of human potential might be reduced to a single modality, a blandly amorphous generic culture, a monochromatic world of monotony. My greatest fear is the possibility that we might awake one day as from a dream, having forgotten there had ever been any other options."
-Margaret Mead